Bernhardina (Bertha) Matilda Hedlund1

(1872 - 1962)
Bernhardina (Bertha) Matilda Hedlund was born in Uddevalla stad, Göteborg och Bohus, on 9 May 1872.1,2

She married Charles Martin Frederick Ney circa 1901.1

She was listed in the 1911 census at 34 Borthwick Rd in Stratford, Essex, with her husband Charles; he was superintendent of a net-bag manufacturing company. Their children Cornelius and Marshall were listed as living with them.1

She was listed in the 1921 census at 27 Borthwick Rd in Cann Hall, Essex, with her husband Charles; he was a toy manufacturer. Their children Cornelius and Marshall were listed as living with them.3

Bernhardina and Charles were living from 1930 to 1937 at 2 Alma St in Nth Sydney.4

She was widowed at age 66 on the death of her husband Charles on 6 March 1939.5,6

Bernhardina was living in 1943 at 3 Blakesley St in Nth Sydney. By 1954 she was living at Bundabah Ave, St Ives.4

Bernhardina died on 10 July 1962 in Chatswood, Sydney, New South Wales, at age 90.7,8


Charles Martin Frederick Ney (1863 - 1939)


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George Hemus1

(1848 - 1917)
George's birth was registered between January 1848 and March 1848 in Kings Norton, Worcestershire.1
He was listed in the 1851 census at 4 York St in Birmin, Worcestershire, along with his parents Soloman and Mary Ann Hemus and siblings Leah (11), John (9), Hannah (7), Benjamin (5) and Charles (1). His parents worked as a boot-maker and boot-binder, respectively.2
He was listed in the 1861 census at 30B Hospital St in Birmingham, Warwickshire, with his parents Solomon and Mary Hemus and extended family consisting of Leah (21, machinist), Hannah (17, machinist), Benjamin (15, a jeweller, as was George), Charles (11), Henry (8), Alfred (6), Joseph (3) and James (1). His parents were still in the shoe-making business.3

He married Frances Harwood Keane in New Zealand in 1868.4

He had arrived in Auckland with his parents on the Ironsides in Aug 1864 and established a successful boot factory business. He was superintendent of the United Free Methodist Sunday School in Pitt Street, an evangelistic preacher, and was connected with the Good Templars Excelsior Lodge (a temperance association), which led to him becoming an Auckland City Councillor in 1880, representing the Good Templars, and defeating the publican's candidate.

However, after hearing the inspirational preaching of Mrs HAMPSON he decided to sell his business and depart for America (against the protests of his wife). It appears that he actually abandoned his wife and remaining four children, as Mrs HEMUS tracked him down in San Francisco and sued for divorce on the grounds of neglect - which he did not contest, possibly as he wished to marry Mrs HAMPSON. Although no records have been found of the divorce proceedings, the Auckland newspapers reported she was awarded £200 damages and maintenance for the four children, and that she had set herself up running a boarding house in San Francisco, although some reports claimed the family settled in Kansas.

The newspapers also reported Mrs HAMPSON's departure for America in Nov 1884.5,6,7

George's second marriage was to Margaret Spencer on 29 December 1885 in Los Angeles, California.8 He was naturalised on 27 July 1888 in Los Angeles, California.9

George was living from 1892 to 1896 at Vernon in Los Angeles. His entries in the voter lists said he was 5' 6" with a dark complexion and gray eyes in 1892, but by 1896 he was only 5' 4 1/2" with a medium complexion and brown eyes! His occupation was 'evangelist' and his naturalisation date matches the previous record.10

He was listed in the 1910 US census as head of the family at 717 Kohler St in Los Angeles, California, with his wife Margaret; both claimed to be evangelists within an industry of the 'world'. They were living in a rented home, and claimed to have been married for 24 years with 14 children 5 living - these numbers are clearly their summation of both their original families, not the children they had together (which would be none). They also both claimed to be 65; he claimed to have entered the USA in 1883 and be naturalised, while she gave an entry date of 1885 - these ages are totally inaccurate, as he would have been 62, while she was 73.11

George died on 8 March 1917 in Los Angeles, California.12 He was buried at the Rosedale Cemetery, 1831 West Washington Blvd in Los Angeles. Note that his supposed age of 72 conforms with his claimed age in the 1910 census, where he clearly tried to close the gap on his much older wife.12
Grave - George HEMUS (1847-1917) and Margaret HAMPSON (nee SPENCER)(1837-1925), Rosedale Cemetery, Los Angeles

Family 1

Frances Harwood Keane (c 1850 - 1935)

Family 2

Margaret Spencer (1836 - 1925)


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Dorothy Henderson

(c 1824 - )
Dorothy Henderson was born in Boller, Northumberland, circa 1824.1

Dorothy's marriage to James Bell was registered between April 1850 and June 1850 in Tynemouth, Northumberland.2

She was listed in the 1861 census as Head of Family at 213 High Cross Row in Seghill, Northumberland; he was a coal miner., along with their other children William (14), Eleanor (4), Hannah (1 mth) and a nephew, Gilbert HENDERSON (9).1


James Bell (c 1829 - )


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Marion Henderson

(1796 - 1857)
She was baptised on 29 December 1796 at Alloa, Clackmannanshire, and was the daughter of Alexander HENDERSON and Isabel THOMSON.1

She married John Liddell, son of William James Liddell and Margaret Donaldson, in Alloa, Clackmannanshire, on 7 January 1820.2

Marion died on 13 September 1857 in Clackmannanshire at age 60.3 She was buried at the Alloa Churchyard in Alloa.3


John Liddell (1793 - 1862)


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Rosa Ella Henkle1

(1880 - 1966)
Rosa Ella Henkle was born in Ohio on 5 October 1880.1,2

She married James Kauffelt Lilley, son of James F Lilley and Lucinda Minerva Kauffelt, in USA on 12 November 1903.1

She was listed in the 1910 US census at 121 West First Ave in Columbus, Franklin, Ohio, with her husband James; his mother Lucinda Minerva Kauffelt and brother-in-law and sister George Dana Harrington and Eunice L Lilley were living with them. Their children Robert and John were listed as living with them.1

Rosa died on 9 March 1966 in Ohio at age 85.2


James Kauffelt Lilley (1881 - 1965)


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Marjorie Henry

(1898 - 1977)
Marjorie Henry was born in Hobart, Tasmania, on 19 May 1898.1,2

She married Thomas Rumney Clarke, son of George Arthur Edward Clarke and Kate Rumney, in Tasmania on 9 September 1925.3

Marjorie died in October 1977 in Hobart, Tasmania, at age 79. She was cremated on 31 October 1977.4


Thomas Rumney Clarke (1899 - 1978)
ChartsStephen Blomfield (c1750?-1809) descendancy


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Wilma Clare Henry1

(1940 - 2013)
Wilma Clare Henry was born on 8 April 1940.2

Wilma's second marriage was to John Wilson Ludbrook, son of John Kinsella Ludbrook and Mary Rose Wilson, in 1992.3

Wilma died on 9 December 2013 in Waikato at age 73.1


John Wilson Ludbrook (1940 - 2014)
ChartsStephen Blomfield (c1750?-1809) descendancy


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Matthew Herbertson1

(1912 - 1980)
Matthew Herbertson was born in Partick, Glasgow, Lanarkshire, in 1912. He was the son of Robert Herbertson (iron miller) and Susan Marshall Ord.2

He married Carolyn Ferguson, daughter of James Ferguson and Mary Ferguson, at Partick Methodist Church in Partick, Glasgow, Lanarkshire, on 29 December 1938. He was an electrician and she was a grocer's assistant.3

Matthew died in 1980 at Martha St in Glasgow, Lanarkshire.4


Carolyn Ferguson (1918 - 2012)
ChartsThomas Fergusson (c1758-1844) descendancy


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Emily Beuzeville Hewlett1,2

(1841 - 1914)
Emily Beuzeville Hewlett was born in Kent on 30 March 1841.3,1,2

She married Daniel Cook Wilson in New Zealand in 1864.1,4,5

She was widowed at age 61 on the death of her husband Daniel on 22 August 1902.6

Emily died on 5 November 1914 in Whangarei, Northland, at age 73.1,7 She was buried at the Christ Church Cemetery in Whangarei.8


Daniel Cook Wilson (1841 - 1902)


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Emma Heywood1

(1862 - 1952)
Father*Joseph Martin Heywood1 b. 1832, d. 1904
Mother*Emma Ivall1 b. 1835, d. 1886
Emma Heywood was born in New Zealand in 1862.1

Emma died on 19 August 1952 in Christchurch, Canterbury.2,3 She was buried on 21 August 1952 at the Woolston Cemetery, Rutherford St.3
Grave - Emma HEYWOOD (1862-1952), Woolston Cemetery, Christchurch, NZ


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